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Nancy L Robinson, NCTMB

I Graduated from the Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts in Durango, CO in 2006, completing 1025 hours of study. I have also studied yoga, Reiki and Shiatsu and have certificates in yoga teacher training (500 hours), 1st and 2nd degree Reiki and Fundamental Shiatsu (30 hours), respectively.  I am also a licensed Massage Therapist with the state of Colorado and have been Nationally Certified with the National Certification for Massage Therapists and Body Workers organization ("NCTMB") since 2007.

My philosophy of practice centers around the belief that the body has the capacity to heal itself; that both time and support are integral factors to this process. I view massage as a support mechanism. 

Massage helps the body in it's healing process by encouraging a shift to a state of "rest and digest", by flushing tissue of toxins, increasing circulation and making room so-to-speak for fresh, oxygenated blood to enter and repair tissues.

With respect to pressure, I believe that working with the individual client to determine the most effective level is paramount. Different parts of the body respond differently to depth and each person has his/her own threshold.  Generally, if the pressure at times "feels intense, but good", then this can be a very effective level for chronically tight areas.

I became interested in practicing massage after experiencing the healing benefits first-hand. I suffered from chronic low back pain, upper back pain and headaches.  Receiving massage on a regular basis helped me manage the stress of juggling a family and full-time career and the discomfort of sitting at a desk most of the day combined with a long commute. I have since changed my lifestyle quite a bit! But, like most people, I still encounter my fair share of stress and I still enjoy receiving the benefits of massage on a regular basis.

I have been living in Durango since 2005 and when I'm not working, I enjoy exploring the area with my husband, our little ones and our dog.

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